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Tribe 12 is a network of intertwined projects that offer a holistic and diverse approach to 20s and 30s Jewish engagement.  We empower 20s and 30s, who identify as Jewish in any way, to choose a Jewish community or network today, leading to a life-long, personally significant Jewish connection. other words--we get 20s and 30s to connect with something Jewish that they actually care about.

Our mission is accomplished through personal engagement and affinity programming in a four tiered engagement strategy of first stage engagement, content driven opportunities, leadership development, and community placement.  

Tribe Commons, a project of Tribe 12, is a co-operative workspace rooted in Jewish community and values.  It is designed to address the needs of individuals seeking a work environment that enhances productivity as it builds community. We encourage building relationships between individuals working from Tribe Commons on both a personal and professional level.