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Mission Statement

Tribe 12 is a network of intertwined projects that offer a holistic and diverse approach to 20s and 30s Jewish engagement.  We empower 20s and 30s, who identify as Jewish in any way, to choose a Jewish community or network today, leading to a life-long, personally significant Jewish connection.

...in other words--we get 20s and 30s to connect with something Jewish that they actually care about.


Our mission is accomplished through personal engagement and affinity programming in a four tiered engagement strategy of first stage engagement, content driven opportunities, leadership development, and community placement.  

The three "C's" of meeting our goals are:


Tribe 12 is a leader in convening people and organizations that make up the diverse Jewish community in the Greater Philadelphia area, especially bridging grassroots with established institutions.  We encourage finding ways to connect with ideas and programming to strengthen Jewish community and its place in society.  We encourage proactive steps to address current and future needs within the Jewish world by reimagining current projects, and supporting the creation of new initiatives.