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Steven Share

Tribe 12 Fellowship Coordinator, Spectrum Philly Coordinator

Meet Steven Share! Steven spent six years at Lord & Taylor in Philadelphia, NYC, and Washington DC, where he developed his public relations and human resources skills.  He then spent six years as Senior Consultant for a private Customer Experience Management firm, where he was a business and Human Resources Consultant, and prided himself on being the "CMO" (Chief Morale Officer.) Steven was also a volunteer for the one of the nation’s largest LGBTQ pride events serving on fundraising and special events committees for Capital Pride in DC for 8 years.  


Steven joined Tribe 12 as Spectrum Philly’s Director in 2014 and is honored to be on the forefront of building a vibrant, exciting LGBTQ Jewish community in Philadelphia. He is also Tribe 12’s representative for JProud, a consortium of organizations working to become more LGBTQ inclusive, is on the Young Friends Board and Public Programs Committee at the National Museum of American Jewish History. 

When he's not building communities or wandering the gay-bor-hood, Steven can be found spending time with friends and family or practicing yoga, namaste.

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