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Addie Lewis Klein

Fellowship Class: 

My Chosen One

My Chosen One helps single, successful 30+ Jews in Greater Philadelphia meet others who are ready for a long term relationship.  My Chosen One is a concierge style matchmaking service providing:

  • Clarity—You will have an opportunity to figure out what you want and need from a life partner.
  • An advocate—We will work for you, to arrange dates with people we think could be a good fit for you.  My Chosen One will be your coach and your cheerleader.
  • Time—My Chosen One will save you time. We do the searching.  We set up the date so that it’s convenient for you.  All you have to do is show up with a smile.
  • Quality—My Chosen One personally screens each client.  We only accept clients who are financially stable, emotionally mature, and truly interested in a serious relationship.
  • Compatibility—We will introduce you to people that have values and goals similar to yours.
  • A date with clear expectations—You’re both Jewish, single, local, and ready for a serious relationship. You’ll both understand that this is a first date, and you are there to discover if there is chemistry between you to explore further.
About the Founder: 

I have devoted my career to the Jewish community. At my core, I am a community builder. I have dedicated my professional life to supporting the Jewish community, and I find fulfillment in my personal life by building a small, vibrant and supportive Jewish community of friends. I love creating atmospheres for good conversations that deepen friendships and have the potential to enhance community. For as long as I can remember I have loved to design systems or ventures to solve problems I identified.  Soon after I moved to Philadelphia, friends met in my living room and created a peer-led, spirited, egalitarian minyan. I am proud to say that seven years later, the minyan continues on with new leadership. This year I am excited about the potential of a new kind of matchmaking venture to benefit the Philadelphia Jewish community; and I look forward to exploring it through this Fellowship.

Update from Addie: Addie spent the summer working with clients pro-bono in exchange for feedback. In September 2012, she started accepting clients and is currently near capacity. From the logistics side of things, Addie has worked with a lawyer to create a client contract and a database.