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Aleeza Ben Shalom

Fellowship Class: 

Marriage Minded Mentor

My venture, Marriage Minded Mentor helps individuals get to know themselves so they can be more prepared to date for marriage. In addition to this one-on-one mentoring on self development, Marriage Minded Mentor sets up singles that are looking to be engaged this year. The greatest problem that MMM seeks to solve is the crisis of older singles not getting married. My specialty is in working with older singles (late 20's-60's). MMM is the right solution because we both educate the early 20's so they don't end up in my pool of clients in 10 years and at the same time we offer a marriage minded approach to dating for the older singles.

About the Founder: 

Wife, Mother, Mentor, Matchmaker. It took me 34 years of soul searching and self exploration to find my passion, and I found it. Mentoring singles and couples – this is my passion. I am a passionate mentor and matchmaker with a unique approach. My natural insight and strong passion for connecting people, as well as her enhanced listening skills, give me an edge in helping people shape their lives. I graduated from the University of Pittsburgh, where I designed my own major, and I have been seeking out and accumulating life experience ever since.

At the 2013 Launch Night, Aleeza launched her first book, Get Real Get Married, and since then she has become a regular writer on Aish.com and the host of Lunch With Your Marriage Minded Mentor, a weekly show on Jewish Talk Radio. She has also announced several engagements of her clients on her Facebook page! Aleeza is now offering group mentoring sessions both locally and in Israel via video conference.