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Amber Emory

Fellowship Class: 
Amy Zitelman

Mz. Initiative

We believe women should be able to embrace their femininity without sacrificing equality. Mz. Initiative is a social innovator creating platforms to redefine femininity through artistic exploration. Performances, workshops & festivals are customized to invite all self-identified females to unravel stereotypes and unearth the beautiful woman inside!

The biggest thing I need right now is female leaders and business owners interested in mutually beneficial partnership with Mz. Initiative, joining us to advocate for the female leaders of today while supporting the leaders of tomorrow.

About the Founder: 

Amber Emory is a freelance theater artist focusing on new and ensemble devised work. She uses artistry to bridge the gap between theater and the world around us. As a producer, director, and stage manager she has worked for over 10 companies in Philadelphia. She travels the world to discover, learn, and observe diverse artistic voices.