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Amit Bob

Fellowship Class: 

Israel at Home

Israel At Home is an exciting new curriculum that offers an opportunity to engage with modern Israel. Through mediums such as music, film, and food, students have a variety of ways to access and explore Israeli society. Currently aimed at young adults and college students, Israel At Home is determined to foster new relationships with Israel for the future. 

About the Founder: 

There are many things that go into the equation of who I am. I am a Jew, born in Jerusalem, and a New Yorker, having grown up on Long Island. I have family all over the U.S., and there is no doubt they have helped shape me to be who I am. I also grew up in the Habonim Dror youth movement, and have learned invaluable lessons about teamwork, leadership, and friendship over my years working at their summer camps and running nation-wide seminars. Lastly, I consider myself an anthropologist, having majored in anthropology at Wesleyan University, and I love to study how people live and operate. All of these sources of my identity are linked to what excites me. I am very into community organizing and action. Mostly I am excited by the power that people have and the profound changes that a dedicated group of individuals can achieve.

Update from Amit: Amit has moved to Israel and plans to return to Philadelphia in 2014 and pursue Israel at Home.