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Andrew Spector

Fellowship Class: 

Adam R Spector Foundation for Hodgkin's Research

The Adam R Spector Foundation is designed to help raise money and awareness for Hodgkin’s lymphoma and recurrent Hodgkin’s lymphoma which does not receive much funding. Funds raised are allocated to Memorial Sloan-Kettering Cancer Center and Children’s Hospital of Philadelphia. The foundation is in honor of Andy's brother, Adam, who passed away from Hodgkin's. Adam's last request was to set up a fund Hodgkin's research. The Spector family established the foundation in 2010.

About the Founder: 

Andy grew up outside of Philadelphia. He graduated from Penn State and returned to the Philadelphia area where he has been working in the IT business consulting industry for the past 6 years. Recently, he has had the opportunity to become more active in the Philadelphia Jewish community. He has volunteered for many Federation Renaissance events as well as a being a Tribe 12 coach last year. Andy is proud of his Jewish heritage and giving back on many levels is of much importance to him. His venture, Adam R Spector Foundation, is something he is passionate about since he lost his brother to Hodgkin’s lymphoma 7 years ago. He is excited to share the foundation’s mission as being one of the only foundations in the country that solely supports Hodgkin’s lymphoma research.