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Emily Donati

Fellowship Class: 

Philly Likes Fitness

Utilizing my professional experience as a personal trainer and my desire to energize and inspire, I have developed a specialized group exercise class providing community-oriented connections to Shabbat. Participants experience a unique blend of fitness and mindful discussion. 

About the Founder: 

Emily didn't identifiy as an athlete until she looked back on her physical endeavors and accomplishments. After three years as a competitive wrestler, she became the first female at her high school to make the varsity team. She continued her love of sports to play rugby at Bryn Mawr College (graduated 2007). Emily's overall approach to life is to live simply, through health and happiness. She has professional expertise in one-on-one personal training, spinning and group exercise classes and personal accomplishments of competing in multiple half marathons, triathlons and marathon.

Emily has now run several of her signature Shabbat group exercise classes (often on Saturday mornings at Clark Park), combining invigorating outdoor exercise with a relaxing discussion in the context of Shabbat. Emily invites anyone in the Tribe 12 network to join her for these free classes.