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Jonathan Dickens

Fellowship Class: 

Welcome To Your Home

Through the use of conflict resolution and open communication tools, Welcome to Your Home strives to bridge the gap that often grows between those who choose a different Jewish path and their loved ones, thereby upholding one of the most important Jewish values "shalom bayit" (peace at home).  

About the Founder: 

Jonathan is currently a graduate student at Gratz College. In May 2011, Jonathan will graduate with a Master of Arts in Jewish Education as well as a Master of Arts in Jewish Communal Service. As a part of his studies, Jonathan is interning in the Development Office at Gratz College and is also interning at the winter office of Camp Ramah in the Poconos. 

Update from Jonathan: Jonathan is the founder of a new venture, IgniteKids Inc. The mission of IgniteKids is to help children with ADHD develop the social skills and knowledge needed for success in today’s world. They organization strives to help children with ADHD achieve balance, productivity, and achieve happiness in their lives by guiding families towards resources and services and by building self esteem through programs which enhance creativity and personal accomplishment. IgniteKids, Inc. is based in New Jersey. For more information, visit http://www.facebook.com/IgniteAdhd