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Lora Rosenblum

Fellowship Class: 

Six Point

About the Founder: 

I identify three pillars in the personal history of Lora that have somehow influenced who I am today: summer camp, a Caribbean cruise, and high school geometry. 1) For each of the eleven summers that I attended camp, camp ran in a predictable – and ever reliable – fashion. But a unique theme persists for each summer I was there. The summer I liked the boy in the hat. The summer my friends and I were separated by the omnipotent bunk division process. I identify value in structure, but appreciate variability and flexibility as the key to rich experiences. 2) A cruise with my grandparents at age eight is one of my earliest memories of understanding cultural difference. I have a vivid memory of women in St. Thomas criticizing and laughing at the people of Haiti for how the Haitians had braided half of the hair on my head, leaving me to realize that even nuanced distinctions can draw the lines between cultural identities. I remain excited by unanticipated outcomes and new adventures, and I thrive off of connecting with different people. 3) Geometry was my worst class in high school, but my favorite nonetheless. Nothing tasted sweeter than the rewards reaped after repeated failed attempts at the non-existent Angle Side Side theorem. I am analytical. I like to know the answers to things. Sometimes more fulfilling than finding the answers is the path that takes me to them in the first place.