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Morgan Berman

Fellowship Class: 

MilkCrate Philly

MilkCrate is an app that connects people with local resources that support a sustainable lifestyle and the local economy in Philadelphia. Think of it as a green Yelp and green Google maps put together with a little extra. We currently have a database of over 1600 businesses and organizations in Philly that in some way support a triple bottom line of people, planet, and profit. In addition to providing business listings the app will feature maps of farmers markets, CSA's, cooperatives, alternative fueling stations etc. Our goal is to bring them all together into one seamless experience where people can search by keyword, address or neighborhood, browse by category, persona, or area.  No one institution or group is positioned to take this on individually, but together they can create a truly powerful and useful tool for residents and visitors to explore sustainable urban living. This could expanded to other cities.

About the Founder: 

Morgan comes from a variety of backgrounds and experiences- she is currently finishing her last year of a Masters in Sustainable Design at PhilaU where she is focusing on interactive design for community development. She works directly under the program director, Rob Fleming, on several projects including a digital learning platform for students. She is also working at Metcalfe Architecture and Design doing business development and publicity. She has a background in women's health and anthropology and worked for several years in women's non-profits in the Philadelphia area. After that she worked at UPenn doing medical research. For the last year she worked at Grid Magazine where she expanded her community engagement skills and more deeply connected with the sustainability world in Philadelphia, her home city. The common themes of her interests are a love for Philadelphia, creative design, and promoting healthy beautiful cities. 

MilkCrate Philly is now My MilkCrate, and the app is LIVE on the iTunes app store and Android store! They are in the process of expanding to Boston. In 2015, My MilkCrate won Startup of the Year at Forbes 30 Under 30 and was one of just five companies who competed in their $400,00 Pressure Cooker event judged by AOL Founder Steve Case. Morgan was invited to the White House to meet with senior officials about climate change and sustainable energy production. See some of My MilkCrate's great press here