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Naomi Bright Lerman

Fellowship Class: 

Be Mitzvah'd

Your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah is an exciting adventure for your family -- exciting, yes, but there is so much to get done in order to prepare! Let us make it simple: BeMitzvah’d is your start to finish, no stress, one stop shop for your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah service. We do it all – from teaching the fundamentals like Torah reading and prayer leading to unique touches like musical accompaniment and inspiring your child to create a personal prayer book.  Founder Naomi Bright is a Cantor, musician and a passionate Jewish educator dedicated to making your child’s Bar or Bat Mitzvah a perfect thirteen! 

About the Founder: 

I hail from a rural area of West Virginia where the only Jewish family was mine. My parents drove me and my three sisters once a week to the closest synagogue, which was 70 miles away. This lack of an obvious Jewish community always inspired me to find unconventional ways to connect to my Jewish roots, and it was this search for Jewish connection that I decided to become a cantor and moved to Philadelphia to attend Gratz College. Today, I have my Bachelors in Jewish Studies, my Masters in Cantorial Studies, and a Graduate Certificate in Jewish Education. I am proud of my journey, and proud of my discovery of Jewish music as an outlet for my Jewish connection. I am also involved in many Jewish young professional organizations and love hosting Shabbats for my friends.

Update from Naomi:
Since graduating from the Fellowship in 2012, Cantor Lerman has turned Be Mitzvah'd into her full time profession. She works primarily with families who are unaffiliated with synagogues to create totally customized Bar and Bat Mitzvah services.


One of her current students is 10 years old and was given the choice by his parents about whether he would like to become a Bar Mitzvah, despite having no Jewish education growing up. He said yes, so his parents contracted Naomi to create a personalized curriculum to run over three years which will incorporate Hebrew, holidays, Israel and Torah and culminate in a Bar Mitzvah. Naomi is available to speak with parents or grandparents about the best path for their child to become a Bar or Bat Mitzvah.