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Samantha Hyman

Fellowship Class: 
Rachel Sakofs


Beginning with winter scarves, MASscarves now includes handmade clothing for all seasons. All MASscarves are sustainably made with ethically sourced remnant fabrics in small batches. Inspired by a bohemian aesthetic and an urban lifestyle, MASscarves incorporates neutral colors with bold prints and the occasional splash of color to create collections that are not only unique and beautiful but are also eco friendly and help spread awareness of the importance of environmentalism and the slow fashion movement.

What I need most now is help getting into more retail locations, help expanding the business to have employees, and help finding a business partner to handle the “business” side of things-- marketing, budgeting, PR so I can focus on the design, innovation and sales.

About the Founder: 

Samantha Hyman is an artist, designer and performer. With a BFA in painting from the Rhode Island School of Design, she has worked as a freelance artist in a variety of media, including puppetry, circus arts, costume, and now, clothing design. She is adventurous, creative and driven, loves nature, cooking and spending time with her family and friends.