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Stephanie Singer & Einav Keet

Fellowship Class: 

The Bubbi Project

Bound by the post-Holocaust friendship of their grandparents, Einav and Stephanie celebrate their lineage of survival through the most celebratory of activities -- eating. The Bubbi Project explores the important persistence of Jewish food, its role as a cultural glue and how its evolution holds fast to core ingredients, flavors and traditions. With The Bubbi Project Cookbook, Einav and Stephanie are working to bring together Jewish and Israeli chefs from around the country and world, who with their ovens, act as the flametenders of our edible history while expanding the boundaries of Jewish food.

About the Founder: 

The Bubbi Project is the love child of Einav Keet and Stephanie Singer.

Press: Introducing The Bubbi Project

Update from Stephanie and Einav: The Bubbi Project has just introduced a feature blog on the Jewish Exponent's new website, available at jewishexponent.com/the-bubbi-project. The blog will share their views on the Philadelphia region's food scene. They are currently requesting submissions of recipes and stories to feature on their blog and for potential inclusion in their cookbook.