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The Tribe 12 Fellowship is a true gift. The program's structure and community held me accountable to my intentions and taught me valuable skills to build my business. I now can both dream big AND take actionable steps to make my dreams happen. -Michal Waldfogel2011 Fellow
Congratulations on putting last evening's event together! There was such a good balance of points of view and questions from the group. You all did very good work for Tribe12 entrepreneurs. Best wishes for continuing success with Tribe12 and the entrepreneurship programming. -Gloria Rabinowitz, Angel Investor at Golden Seeds, Tribe 12 Fellowship Speaker
Throughout the trials and tribulations of entrepreneurship - I'm talking record highs and exasperating lows and everything in between - that my company experienced from participating in the Tribe 12 Fellowship to appearing on ABC's Shark Tank and beyond, the Fellowship community has been a rock solid support system I could always rely on. Whether I needed a pep talk, or to rave about how wonderful things were going, or an email introduction for a new useful contact, the members and leaders of this community were always there for me and PiperWai. Entrepreneurship is a rollercoaster, and I'm thrilled Tribe 12 Fellowship could come along for the wild ride with me. -Jess Edelstein, 2015 Fellow
Just wanted to send a note to let you know how highly I regard the Tribe 12 program that you and the team run -- my experience with Tribe 12 is what motivated me to take my new job at a startup! I always think back to the lessons I learned about iterating, pivoting, and prototyping. Couldn't have asked for a better intro to growing a business. -Lora Rosenblum, 2013 Fellow

I am always pleased to be involved with the Tribe 12 Fellowship as a mentor or coach. You get the satisfaction of knowing you are helping a young entrepreneur achieve their personal and professional goals while having the opportunity to build your own leadership and management skills. Coaches get to build an enduring career network, gain insights and different perspectives from future members of your profession or community. Being a part of Tribe 12 is a meaningful opportunity to give back to the Jewish community. -Michael Adler, Managing Partner at the Law Office of Michael E. Adler, Tribe 12 Fellowship Coach
The Tribe 12 fellowship offers young entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs like myself the tools to grow their enterprises while making a social impact. The program’s unique curriculum pushed me out of my comfort zone. It challenged me to think in new ways, and helped me grow as a leader. Both Tribe 12’s supportive team and the dynamic 2015 Fellowship class motivate me continually to achieve my goals for the Feinstein Center and to pursue what I believe in -- the power of experiential learning. -Ariella Werden-Greenfield, 2015 Fellow
"I love that being a coach gives me the opportunity to work one-on-one helping an amazing Jewish social entrepreneur, while also participating in a dynamic community. It's an exciting and fun way to make a difference." -Kevin Werbach, Associate Professor at The Wharton School of the University of Pennsylvania, Tribe 12 Fellowship Coach

The Fellowship provided tremendous learning opportunities, especially the mentorship, workshops and Pitch Night. This fellowship is such a gift to young social entrepreneurs and our Philadelphia community!" -Laurel Klein, 2011 Fellow
The Tribe 12 Fellowship opened up my eyes to the possibilities that working with the Jewish Community provides. There are so many ways to go when launching a venture, and Tribe 12 illuminated that which is most suited for mine. I highly recommend any startup serving the community to take advantage of the education and advice offered by the good people in this program. -Michael Alan Sara, 2012 Fellow

The program gives entrepreneurs and intrapreneurs like me an amazing set of tools to use when envisioning, structuring, and promoting their organizations. I think the most essential takeaway for most Fellows is confidence, both in themselves and in their ventures. -Exit survey response, 2015 Fellow

The Fellowship program has been helpful in getting me to think beyond what I thought was possible, and in getting me to consider other ways in which my venture could benefit the community at large. -Yali Szulanski, 2014 Fellow

I was really struck by the relationship drawn between the Exodus story and social entrepreneurship. I took note of the line that opened our first session: ‘the only whole heart is a broken one" by the Kotzker Rebbe. Text study is not new to me as a Jewish Day School and Judaic Studies graduate, but I truly enjoyed returning to this practice somewhat in this accelerator. I was reminded of Judaism's relevancy in all aspects of our lives including our careers. -Exit survey response, 2015 Fellow